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Live help is the fastest and easiest way to begin building strong, personal relationships with your customers and visitors to your Website.  Be up and running with live help in a matter of minutes.

Included: As a bonus we will integrate your logo for you. and assist you in installing live help icon on your site!

The Only Chat System with our Patent Pending Force Push Technology.
This feature allows you to
change the page the visitor is on without being in a chat session.  You can even send them to an external site (like www.Yahoo.com) and bring them back to your site.  In essence, you have full control of their browser.


Your site never closes. Now your sales department doesn’t have to either.


Proven technology and tools delivering powerful new sales opportunities for your eBusiness


One-to-one, live sales platform that tailors the shopping experience to each visitor.


Target and close your hottest prospects by tracking the unique browsing habits of each visitor.


Outsource to SalesRep. com Chat Center Representatives for as little as $.20 per minute

Use your own sales and live help staff.  Or impact your bottom line by reducing your call center costs.  Outsource your sales and support to the SalesRep.com ChatCenter, our team of expert customer support and sales representatives, and be up and running in as little as 48-hours.

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Live Help  3 seat lifetime licenseSalesRep Chat System 3 Year special  you pay $399.95 (Save 74%) for 3 seat license  
Deploy our powerful Live Help software on your site!
exclusively hosted on our Windows Servers

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